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Where you will learn how to build a next generation of educational products and digital learning.

We are specialists in digital educational products and learning

1. 5 of EdTechs developed by Future Education figure in ranking EdTech Latam 100 in 2020.

2. We contribute with global edtech landscapes.

3. We work with the largest educational groups to accelerate the digital transformation process.

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Through our digital platform you have access to mentoring, best edtechs, templates and any resources to achieve exponential learning outcomes.

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Student reviews

Daniela Resende
Academic consultant at ...

"The course allowed me to broaden my perspective on the conception and management of an educational product. I learned strategies, learned to develop ideas and test, in addition to visualizing perspectives that allowed me to focus on the dimensions of an educational product to make it more efficient and effective. I highlight the development strategies that also provided me with a broader vision in the definition of the educational product, thus enabling more assertive and higher quality deliveries for our audience."

Bruno Ferrari
R&D Director at ...

"The educational product manager course brought a practical and broad vision to our product management team. We all took the course together, which allowed us to bring our real issues into the classroom discussions and work on ways to resolve them. in addition, it brought us applicable tools and processes that we currently include in our routine. "

Diego Ribeiro
National Academic Quality Coordinator at ...

"There were days of many exchanges, practices, dynamics and interactions on the role of the manager of educational products, among so many other aggregating themes such as: ideation, go-to-market, unique selling proposition, goals, KPIs, results, satisfaction etc. No less important to mention, in this journey, I connected with brilliant, collaborative professionals, enthusiastic about education that brought me inspiration and energy to keep on going! "

Bernard Caffé
CEO at ...

"Business mentoring and workshops on learning management with Bloom's Learning Planning and Taxonomy model in the Future Program were fundamental for the restructuring of our platforms, algorithms, produced content, evaluation models, teacher training in schools and development of our employees. Without a doubt, Jovens Gênios would not have grown 789% in revenue without this knowledge."

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