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Accelerate your EdTech and gain access to benefits and expert mentorship.

Learn fast

Access our knowledge base and learn how to develop an innovative educational product or business model.

Create an action plan

Define your objectives, goals and indicators that we help you get there.

Accelerate your EdTech

The platform will prescribe guidelines, tools, mentoring, connections and other resources for you to reach your growth goals.

+40 EdTechs #we are crazy about learning

Our acceleration methodology follows international models and the dynamics, culture and challenges of the local educational sector.

Impact of our EdTechs

EdTechs accelerated by Future Education are changing the dynamics of the market and supporting the transformation of learning. Join this ecosystem.

  • We are leaders in Brazil, the 4th biggest education market.
  • We operate in 3 countries
  • We are specialists in education
U$ 30 million

It is the total market value of startups that have gone through our program.

U$ 5 million

It was the amount raised by startups between 2017 and 2020.

1 million of students

It is the total number of students enrolled on EdTechs platforms who have gone through our program.

+45 EdTechs

We are leaders in accelerating EdTechs in Brazil and Latin America.

2.700 schools

It is the total number of schools that EdTechs have as customers.

22.000 teachers

It is the number of teachers impacted by the startups' solutions.

Accelerated EdTechs

Meet the startups that are shaping the future of education.


Access exclusive benefits for education startups.

Access to capital

We connect our entrepreneurs with the main investment funds in Brazil and abroad. Our specialists assist in preparing the investment pitch deck and in pitch training sessions.

Revenue access

We create opportunities to generate revenue through open innovation programs with educational groups and large companies, in addition to offering a complete relationship platform between EdTechs and the market.

Focus on educational product

We are experts in creating winning educational products. We have won awards and recognition for our solutions and assisted dozens of EdTechs.

Mentoring with education experts

You will have access to a network of more than 70 mentors who are a reference in education, in the development of business models for education startups and investors.

Learn to scale in education

Learn about the challenges of developing an educational product and learn how to build an entry and growth plan in the educational market.

Culture and educational networking

Our network is qualified to offer access to knowledge and exchange of experiences in educational entrepreneurship and education.

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