At Future Education, you will learn from real-world Educational Product Managers who work for leading Education companies and Edtechs like Udemy, Coursera, Duolingo and Instructure Canvas. With this hands-on experience, our online Education Product Manager training will teach you how to create end-to-end digital educational products, expand your network and help you get your future work on products in the education market.

Our course was designed to meet the unique needs and demands of the product area of the educational market.

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Reasons to learn from Future Education

5 EdTechs formed by Future Education are in the international EdTech Latam 100 ranking.
We are leaders in the development of EdTechs in Brazil (4th largest educational market in the world).
Our team is the most experienced in Brazil to unite technology, business and education.
Largest educational product manager community in Brazil.

Your Educational Product Manager Certificate Path

Educational Product Manager

Who is this course for?

  • Professionals with no previous Product experience who wish to join product management
  • Professionals beginning their careers in products
  • People who want to undertake in Education
  • Educational entrepreneurs
In this course you will learn how to design and develop an end-to-end digital educational product. Starting from the problem, going through the identification of users needs and prioritizing features, learn how the good performance of Educational PM is fundamental for the success of the product. Management of agile teams, OKRS and product roadmaps are other important themes. Beside them, you will also learn how to plan the launch of an educational product and use metrics to check customer behavior and evolve your product.

30 hours


12 hours

Learn that Leadership in digital educational product areas requires skills to influence and engage people and a wide range of stakeholders. Purposeful leadership is what you will learn to develop in this course and how to use technology to serve this skill.
Educational Product Leader

Who is this course for?

  • Professionals with up to 5 years of experience in managing educational products in a technology-based company
  • Professionals who already have some experience with product development, data analysis and technical skills and want to migrate to the educational market
  • Product leaders at Edtechs
  • Educational Product Manager Alumni
Director of Educational Product

Who is this course for?

  • Senior level professionals with more than 5 years of experience in an educational product leadership role
  • Professionals who have worked as Product Manager and are either looking for leadership as Educational Product Directors or are migrating to the educational market in this role
  • Product Directors at Edtechs
  • Educational Product Leader Alumni
In this course you will be able to elaborate and discuss your Organization's strategic vision of digital educational products. You will also learn about the metrics that are essential for the continuous improvement and sustainability of the educational product, as well as oxygenate your ideas and keep up to date when diving into the educational innovation scenario.

12 hours


Future Education learning experience

We offer an online and live learning experience alongside professionals specialized in managing educational products.

In addition, we provide a space dedicated to educational networking to expand your frontiers of knowledge and opportunities.

  • Practical learning with a strong educational context
  • Learning goals based in educational products
  • Metrics and hacks based on educational market
  • Technical mentoring and visit in largest Edtechs

Educational Product Manager in the market

$175.000 year

Average salary
Source: Glassdoor, June 2020

The $10 trillion question

is the Future of Learning and Talent Development market in 2030.
Source: HolonIQ

Student reviews

Daniela Resende
Academic consultant at ...

"The course allowed me to broaden my perspective on the conception and management of an educational product. I learned strategies, learned to develop ideas and test, in addition to visualizing perspectives that allowed me to focus on the dimensions of an educational product to make it more efficient and effective. I highlight the development strategies that also provided me with a broader vision in the definition of the educational product, thus enabling more assertive and higher quality deliveries for our audience."

Bruno Ferrari
R&D Director at ...

"The educational product manager course brought a practical and broad vision to our product management team. We all took the course together, which allowed us to bring our real issues into the classroom discussions and work on ways to resolve them. in addition, it brought us applicable tools and processes that we currently include in our routine. "

Diego Ribeiro
National Academic Quality Coordinator at ...

"There were days of many exchanges, practices, dynamics and interactions on the role of the manager of educational products, among so many other aggregating themes such as: ideation, go-to-market, unique selling proposition, goals, KPIs, results, satisfaction etc. No less important to mention, in this journey, I connected with brilliant, collaborative professionals, enthusiastic about education that brought me inspiration and energy to keep on going! "

Bernard Caffé
CEO at ...

"Business mentoring and workshops on learning management with Bloom's Learning Planning and Taxonomy model in the Future Program were fundamental for the restructuring of our platforms, algorithms, produced content, evaluation models, teacher training in schools and development of our employees. Without a doubt, Jovens Gênios would not have grown 789% in revenue without this knowledge."

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