Learning experience

There are no prerequisites for the first two Digital Learning modules and Product Manager. But for module three - Digital Learning Specialist, if you have not completed initial training with Future Education, you will have to undergo an interview with our experts to verify your prior knowledge. The Director of Educational Product module is offered only in-company.
Only as a legal entity, in the corporate learning modality, you can close the complete package of training both Educational Product Manager how of Digital Learning.
Classes are online and live, which allows greater interaction between participants and skills development. You will also have access to the Future Education platform where you can access content complementary to the course and be informed of the future scenario of Education through events and access to Landscape with +450 Edtechs.
Classes are available on the Future Education platform and can be accessed with the data you received at the beginning of the course.

Enroll and payment

You can pay for your courses with Future Education through a boleto, debit card, credit card or bank transfer.
In some courses you will have a discount on the cash payment and will also have installments according to the value of the course.
Yes. As an individual or corporate customer you will receive the invoice for the course (s) purchased.

Cancellation and refund

If you want to cancel, you can choose to suspend your registration and return to take the course at another time, keeping the amount already paid and the installments due. If you are not interested in continuing with the training under any circumstances, we will refund your money in full based on the missing training hours as long as you signal the desire to cancel within 15 days prior to the start of the course.
If you have paid for 3 modules and completed only 1 and want to give up the rest, we will refund the amount for the 2 unused modules as long as you cancel within 15 days before the start of the next module. For individually contracted modules, you can also request a refund up to 15 days before the course starts.


You will receive your certificate at the end of the course. If you are enrolled in one more course, you will receive each certificate upon completion of each module.
Yes. And you can add it to your Linkedin profile.
Not yet. Our commitment is to ensure that your education at Future Education is increasingly relevant. We are the leading school on the Future of Education and our courses are recognized by the market.

Platform access

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Student Happiness and Admission

At any time you can contact our call center through our channels.

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